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Octavia Conner

Hello! I'm Octavia Conner. 

I am a virtual CFO for consultants and consulting firms. 

Operating a business is challenging. But when you add properly managing cash flow, going from 6-figures to 7-figures, accounting, and paying taxes, it can be downright stressful and overwhelming.

Here at Say Yes To Profits, we help you become fiscally responsible and leverage your numbers so that you have more money, more profits, and pay less taxes. Our goal is to make CEOs smile when they log into their bank accounts. 

Imagine achieving the multi 6- or 7-figures mark in annual revenue only to experience the following:

  • unknown and unorganized financial records 
  • paying the IRS 5-figures or more in taxes
  • experiencing severe cash flow problems
  • feeling as if you've reached a growth ceiling  

If you've experienced any of the above and to shift the financial position of your firm allow our team of certified accountants to help you Say Yes To Profits!


Atlanta Business Chronicle
Small Business Development Center
Better Business Bureau
YFS Magazine


We strategically combine financial management with financial consulting, and as a result, over 90% of our clients grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months while eliminating over 60% in tax liabilities.

" My experience with Say Yes To Profits was amazing! Octavia was very transparent and communicated each step. She made sure to break things down so I'd understand exactly what we were doing and provided knowledge to better prepare me moving forward when it comes to my taxes. My taxes were prepared and filed in a timely & professional manner. All around A+ customer service. I've recommended her to others and they've thanked me. I'm grateful for Say Yes To Profits for making my first tax preparer experience one to remember and boast about. I will be a repeat customer." 

Gail Bean

Gail Bean

Actress and Writer

"Thank you so much for your attention to detail and providing a well rounded service for my business. It was truly an effortless experience in helping me organize my business financials and putting me on the right track to success which most importantly allows me to focus on what I do best. Many blessings to you and your staff."

Eva Corpus

What Is A Virtual CFO? 

A Virtual CFO is an experienced accounting professional that works remotely to help you leverage your numbers to grow your business exponentially. A Virtual CFO will oversee all aspects of your company's finances, therefore providing you with the ultimate financial confidence and peace of mind.

Our virtual CFO services help you strategically plan to increase revenue, cash flow, and profits while reducing tax liabilities. We grow your business faster than other virtual CFO firms by identifying gaps in your business, finances, and market and help you consistently capitalizing on them.




During the Assessment stage, we will complete an in-depth Financial Performance Assessment of your financial management system and taxes.



Equipped with your FPA results and profit score, we will improve your accounting system and develop your unique Client Success Blueprint



This stage is where we combine accountability, money management, strategic insight, and financial intelligence consistently to expedite the growth of your business.


You're ready to uplevel the financial position of your company faster, smarter and consistently. 

" Say Yes To Profits, Octavia and her staff are awesome.  Say Yes to Profits has done my business's bookkeeping for the past 2 years. Initially, the first year my books needed clean up - Octavia and Staff were great in walking me through every step for accounting for all transactions. Now the process is seamless and I am able to provide an accurate accounting of my business to reflect a true P&L.  I highly recommend Say Yes to Profits as I can now have a better picture of scaling my business." 

Lenesia Cooper 

Go Go Party Bus

"Octavia Conner and her team provided insight to a very foggy financial outlook. Our previous accountant were making mistakes that were becoming detrimental to the association. Octavia immediately stop that from occurring. During our initial session she quickly identified ways to increase revenue and cash flow. This resulted in a monthly finding of over $50,000 that continued to increase as we worked with her. "

Marcus Downs 

Georgia Nurses Association

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