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Say Yes To Profits CFO services are designed for 6-figure plus service-based businesses seeking a financial partner who truly comprehends their daily operations and long-term business objectives. We concentrate on crafting a comprehensive financial strategy and system that will empower you to become a proactive and strategic CEO.

Our primary objective is to elevate your business’s profitability and increase its overall value, thereby ensuring not only your business’s financial success but also putting more funds directly into your pocket. We recognize the importance of wealth creation and preservation, and we are dedicated to helping you build wealth in a manner that is both tax-efficient and sustainable.

Success demands not just financial acumen but also a well-thought-out plan to navigate the complexities of the entrepreneurial journey. Therefore our CFO services encompass the financial strategies, systems, support and solutions that goes above and beyond, guiding you toward lasting financial prosperity.

Put an End to Financial Challenges and Uncover Hidden Opportunities to Maximize Cash Flow & Profit Right Now!
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The FREE plug-and-play Say Yes To Profit Plan® will help you become fiscally responsible and gain financial clarity and control while identifying ways you can maximize profit and cash flow immediately!

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Concierge CFO Service

Our Virtual CFO services provide CEOs operating multi six-figure plus businesses. We specialize in simplifying financial management, allowing you to gain clear insights into your finances, retain a higher portion of your earnings, and foster the growth of a more profitable business. Our services encompass transparent financial and tax strategies, along with integrated back-end finance support, ensuring your business operates seamlessly and profitably.

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Bookkeeping Elite Service

Experience the assurance of accurate numbers as your business scales to multi-six and seven figures with our all-encompassing bookkeeping and tax support. You'll benefit from a dedicated team handling both your bookkeeping and tax needs, ensuring pristine financial records, punctual and precise reports, and year-round tax assistance. This service will grant you the freedom to focus on business growth with the reassurance that your finances are well-maintained.

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Proactive Taxes Service

Obtain the tax assistance necessary for to confidently manage your business, provided by our seasoned tax strategist who's main focus is to understand your business as it relates to the tax rules and regulations. Our annual business tax package extends well beyond tax preparation, offering valuable planning and strategic insights that could potentially save you a substantial sum, ranging from four to five figures, in taxes.


Karen Townsend Ph.D

KTownsend Consulting, LLC

"In less than one year, my company grew by 854%, and I consistently maintain a 6-figure bank balance. This wouldn't have been possible without Octavia Conner and Say Yes To Profits as my Virtual CFO firm."


Our Virtual CFOs will help you keep more money in your business.

We strategically combine financial management with financial coaching, and as a result, over 90% of our clients grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months.

Our CFO firm is the ideal option to keep your operating costs low while receiving the CFO services you need. Our virtual CFO services allow you to better understand your business finances and what you can do to ensure a higher profit. Because you aren’t hiring someone to work for you full-time, you gain the advantage of lower costs without sacrificing essential financial guidance. Our goal is to help you become more fiscally responsible for maximizing your profits safely and securely.

We are based in Atlanta, GA, and support clients nationwide

Hey! I’m Octavia

Founder of Say Yes To Profits

Your “Future” Virtual CFO

Over two decades, I have helped hundreds of large and small corporations and entrepreneurs become fiscally responsible and use their finances to accelerate business growth.

I am personally aware of the detrimental impact a lack of financial support, systems, and strategies can have on the lifecycle and longevity of a business. My journey from barely surviving to thriving birth the passion, mission, and company known today as Say Yes To Profits.

Our focus is helping advancing service professionals gain the ultimate financial clarity, control, and confidence needed to build the profitable business of their dreams. From strategic profit planning, bookkeeping, tax preparation and planning, and financial consulting, our unique CFO service includes everything you need.

If you’re ready to stop stressing, struggling and feeling stuck when it comes to managing your finances, schedule a call with me today to get a glimpse into how we have built a track record of helping over 90% of our clients grow between 30% and 350% with in 12-month.


Let Our Financial Team Lower Your Taxes

Our CFO firm will ensure that you gain complete financial control and pay the smallest legal amount possible in taxes. As your tax preparation and planning partner, we help you reduce the stress associated with annual taxes to ensure you are paying only what you should.

You could be paying up to 50% more in taxes than you truly owe simply because you’re missing simple tactics for IRS classification and bookkeeping methods.

We understand how overwhelming managing business finances can be, so we help you protect your assets. Our services will give you peace of mind and boost your financial confidence, helping your business grow and thrive.

Contact us today to learn more about what our accounting firm in Atlanta, GA can do for you.


Gail Bean

MABW Production, LLC

"My taxes were prepared and filed in a timely & professional manner—all-around A+ customer service. I've recommended her to others, and they've thanked me."

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