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Operating a growing consulting firm is already challenging. Then you add managing cash flow, accounting, legally and ethically avoiding taxes, growth-focused decision making and maximizing profits, and it can be downright stressful and overwhelming.

Our team of virtual CFOs works remotely to help you leverage your numbers to grow your business exponentially. We provide you with financial insight, oversight, and foresight that increases financial confidence and peace of mind. We enable you to maximize cash flow and profits while minimizing taxes.

We help you become fiscally responsible by developing strategic growth plans while holding you accountable, and as a result, you say yes to profits faster, smarter, and consistently.


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What Makes Us Different?

We strategically combine financial management with financial consulting, and as a result, over 90% of our clients grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months while eliminating over 60% in tax liabilities.

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Virtual CFO Services To Fit Consulting Firms Needs

  • You need a cost-effective financial leader that will drive results.
  • The company is top-line heavy (revenue), but cash seems to be few and far between, and you are ready to get on the right side of your cash flow.
  • Your needs have outgrown basic bookkeeping; therefore, you seek advanced financial support, strategies, and solutions.
  • You need strategic insight and foresight to help your leadership team achieve the company's goals.
  • You need sophisticated financial intelligence that will not only identify what has occurred, but why and how to improve in the near future
  • You need a CFO to identify the gaps in your consulting industry, finances, and market and empower you to capitalize on them.
  • You desire outsourced accounting and vcfo services that are experienced and equipped to work with an established and rapidly growing consulting firm.

About Say Yes To Profits

Say Yes To Profits is a virtual CFO firm for service-based entrepreneurs and consulting firms who desire proactive financial leadership and guidance. The team consists of accountants, CPAs, tax accountants, bookkeepers, and CFOs. 100% woman-owned and operated, Say Yes To Profit serves businesses across the United States. We are more than just bookkeepers; our services include strategic planning, forecasting, accounting, tax planning, and preparation.

The mission, company, and superpower is to help businesses Say Yes To Profits! This means having 4 to 6 months of cash reserve, operating efficiently and effectively on less, having reliable, and timely accounting records, making strategic business growth decisions that are based on financial intelligence and winning the tax game.

Each client receives an accounting team dedicated to helping them set, achieve, and exceed their financial and business goals. 

Our ultimate goal is to enable our clients to smile when they log into their bank account. Are you ready to Say Yes To Profits? Contact us today.

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Better Business Bureau

" My experience with Say Yes To Profits was amazing! Octavia was very transparent and communicated each step. She made sure to break things down so I'd understand exactly what we were doing and provided knowledge to better prepare me moving forward when it comes to my taxes. My taxes were prepared and filed in a timely & professional manner. All around A+ customer service. I've recommended her to others and they've thanked me. I'm grateful for Say Yes To Profits for making my first tax preparer experience one to remember and boast about. I will be a repeat customer." 

Gail Bean

Gail Bean

Actress and Writer

"Thank you so much for your attention to detail and providing a well rounded service for my business. It was truly an effortless experience in helping me organize my business financials and putting me on the right track to success which most importantly allows me to focus on what I do best. Many blessings to you and your staff."

Eva Corpus

" Say Yes To Profits, Octavia and her staff are awesome.  Say Yes to Profits has done my business's bookkeeping for the past 2 years. Initially, the first year my books needed clean up - Octavia and Staff were great in walking me through every step for accounting for all transactions. Now the process is seamless and I am able to provide an accurate accounting of my business to reflect a true P&L.  I highly recommend Say Yes to Profits as I can now have a better picture of scaling my business." 

Lenesia Cooper 

Go Go Party Bus

"Octavia Conner and her team provided insight to a very foggy financial outlook. Our previous accountant were making mistakes that were becoming detrimental to the association. Octavia immediately stop that from occurring. During our initial session she quickly identified ways to increase revenue and cash flow. This resulted in a monthly finding of over $50,000 that continued to increase as we worked with her. "

Marcus Downs 

Georgia Nurses Association

We Helped Them Say Yes To Profits &

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