4 Benefits Of Working With A Virtual CFO

By Octavia Conner

The role of a Virtual CFO is to be a forward-thinking strategist whose primary purpose is to provide strategic insight to help you move the needle forward in business.  Working with a virtual CFO is best suited for growth-minded business owners who are ready to scale their business faster and smarter. A Virtual CFO helps to provide financial intelligence that will increase cash flow, boost profit margins and streamline business growth.

No business is too big or too small to benefit from Virtual CFO services. Whether you desire to outsource your entire accounting department or simply desire a financial accountability partner that will help you make strategic business decisions, a Virtual CFO can help turn your business dreams into a profitable reality.

Top 4 Benefits Of Working With A Virtual CFO

  1. Provide financial intelligence at your fingertips – While you focus on growing your business, a Virtual CFO will help you understand key performance numbers, pricing, setting and achieving realistic revenue and profit goals, ratios and much more. They will help you “see through your numbers” to repair, build and grow a truly profitable, successful business.
  2. Reduce tax liabilities – A Virtual CFO will focus on strategic, high-level financial services at half the cost. They will uncover money leaks, tax deductions and business restructuring that will help you reduce your overall tax liabilities and financial worries.
  3. Better operational control – Often, a small business is not familiar with the small details needed to achieve large results. A Virtual CFO will provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that all areas of your business are operating in flow, therefore moving the business towards its high achieving goals. This will enable you to reduce risk, save time and eliminate stress.
  4. Increase Cash Flow & Profit Margins – Do you often feel as if you are on a cash flow roller coaster? A virtual CFO will streamline your back-office operations while helping you gain financial control and clarity. Once you have a clear understanding of the health of your company, you will be well equipped to earn more money, keep more money and accelerate business growth.

A Virtual CFO will become an asset to your organization. For half the cost of a full-time CFO, a Virtual CFO, also known as an outsourced CFO, will provide you with the tools, strategies, systems, support, and solutions to build the profitable, successful business of your dreams.

The basis behind a virtual CFO is to work with you and your team online regardless of where you are located. This will reduce payroll cost by at least 40% and eliminate the need to extra space and equipment. 

Based upon the information above, do you feel you would benefit from a Virtual CFO? If so, schedule a complimentary Discovery Session today. 

About Octavia Conner

Octavia Conner is the CEO of Say Yes To Profits, a full-service virtual accounting firm. As a Virtual CFO, she helps consultants build million-dollar firms sooner than they think.

As an award-winning financial strategist and published author, she was selected as one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America. Octavia strategically combines over 13 years of accounting, business, and finance experience that has enabled her clients to grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months and save over 60% in taxes.

For more information, visit SayYesToProfits.com

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