How To Work With A Virtual CFO

Working with a Virtual CFO can expedite the growth of your business. Sooner or later, the circumstance of growing your business will lead you to consider engaging a higher-level accountant. When you find yourself in this position, you begin to wonder, what type of financial guidance would benefit my business and is now the right time to hire a full-time accountant. 

However, many small and medium-size businesses do not have the financial resources to hire a full-time Chief Financial Officer – CFO. The next best alterative is working with a Virtual CFO. 

What Is A Virtual CFO?
A Virtual CFO is an experienced accounting professional that works remotely to help you leverage your numbers to grow your business faster, smarter and consistently.

What Does A Virtual CFO Do?
A Virtual CFO will oversee all aspects of your company’s finances. She will work in close conjunction with your accounting staff to help build and maintain an effective and efficient financial management system. She will strategically uncover money leaks, accelerate cash flow and boosting profit margins while reducing tax liabilities.

A Virtual CFO role will identify gaps in your business, finances and market. Based on these results, she will customize a plan to enable you to take advantage of the gaps and accelerate business growth.

What Doesn’t A Virtual CFO Do?
Even though the Virtual CFO oversees your accounting function, she usually is not involved in the day-to-day accounting operations. When you hire Say Yes To Profits as your virtual CFO firm, you are equipped with a
full accounting team that includes a bookkeeper/accountant, client success representative and a virtual CFO.

Why Should You Hire A Virtual CFO ASAP?
The truth is – if you don’t know your numbers, then you don’t know your business. As your company continues to grow, bookkeeping will not be enough to help you successfully navigate the twisted and turns of business ownership. A Virtual CFO will continuously analyze your finances and provide proven insight and financial intelligence to help you make wise and informed business decisions.

A Virtual CFO will help you create a business strategy that will enable you to not only achieve but exceed your business goals. A Virtual CFO will be instrumental in helping you implement best practices and discipline with budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

Virtual CFO Services In Conclusion 
With a wealth of information, a Virtual CFO will become an asset to your organization. It’s possible that without the help of a Virtual CFO you will continue to feel financially stressed due to an unknown cash flow shortage, pricing confusion, financial instability, financial mismanagement and slower than normal business growth.

To gain financial clarity, financial control and consistently increase cash flow you want to begin working with a Virtual CFO immediately. With the help of a Virtual CFO, you will begin to experience financial peace of mind and confidence while positioning your company to build legacy wealth due to business's success.

If you would like to discuss how Say Yes To Profits Virtual CFO Services can help your business have more money and more profits, schedule a Discovery Session today.

About Octavia Conner

Octavia Conner is the CEO of Say Yes To Profits, a full-service virtual accounting firm. As a Virtual CFO, she helps consultants build million-dollar firms sooner than they think.

As an award-winning financial strategist and published author, she was selected as one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America. Octavia strategically combines over 13 years of accounting, business, and finance experience that has enabled her clients to grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months and save over 60% in taxes.

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