We’ve maintained a track record of helping 90% of our clients grow on average by 50% plus in 12-months.

Our hands-on, done-for-you CFO services provide financial intelligence at your fingertips. We develop the strategy, systems, and solutions that will propel your business forward faster. Combined with bookkeeping, taxes, accounting, and unlimited financial support, you and your business are equipped and empowered to build generational wealth. 

Here's What You Gain When You Hire Us.

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We help you understand your financial position, then leverage your numbers to scale faster, smarter, and consistently.

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We not only enter your data into an accounting system, but we also develop key metrics and provide financial intelligence at your fingertips.

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Consistent Increase

You receive financial accountability, become fiscally responsible, control costs, and maximize cash flow and profits.

We equip our clients to grow predictable, profitable businesses in less time.

You’ve built a successful business, something to be proud of. Your revenue is growing, and so is your team. 

But sometimes, cash seems few and far between.

You’ve tried different things, but getting and remaining on the right side of your cash flow seems never to last.

Your current bookkeeper or tax accountant hasn’t been much help, so you add figuring out your financial problems to your ever-growing plate.

And let’s not mention the paralyzing fear you feel about upcoming taxes.

You are experiencing severe growing pains that are causing you to feel stuck and stressed. You desire a strategic profit plan coupled with a sold financial management system and support so that you can begin to operate as a CEO should.

You are also aware that to accelerate to the next level, you need an intentional, strategic, experienced financial partner who understands every moving part of your growing business and can help you proactively manage, scale, and sustain effectively.  

Introducing Say Yes To Profits Virtual CFO Services

For CEOs, Consultants, Coaches & Service Professionals
generating $250K plus in annual sales revenue.

All virtual CFO packages include:

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Our virtual CFO is tailored to fit the size and complexity of your business. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session today, and we will build a customized package that best fits your needs.

Benefits Of Working With SYTP

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You learn new ways to improve your business model and scale quickly.

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We help you build a cash flow strategy to eliminate the feast-to-famine cycles.
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We immediately stop money leaks and show you how to keep more of the money you earned.
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We position you to eliminate huge annual tax bills with smart (and legal) tax reduction tactics.
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You get your books in order and stop scrambling to fix issues at year-end.
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Finally, you become strategic about how to eliminate debt, hire new team members, and navigate funding cycles.

and much more...


With our CFO services, you will finally become the CEO of your dreams! Our team will manage the day-to-day accounting operations of your business and proactively provide tax-saving techniques and strategic, customized CFO advisor support.

It’s time to stop sacrificing your family, health, and happiness and regain your time by achieving a work-life balance. You can only accomplish this when your financial house is in order. With our full-service accounting and end-to-end CFO services, no longer will you experience stress, struggle, and burnout. 
We will eliminate all your financial worries and place you on the path to building a profitable million-dollar and beyond business.

How Do You Qualify?

To qualify for SYTP’s virtual CFO services, your business must meet the following conditions:

Our virtual CFO service is ideal for businesses earning multi-six-figures to $1 million plus in annual revenue.

Our goal is to help you flourish beyond your expectations. We accomplish this by identifying gaps in your market, business, and finances and customizing a strategic financial plan for you to take full advantage of them.

We also fine-tune your current business and financial strategies while implementing systems and processes to eliminate growth barriers.

This service is not ideal for new business owners.