Top Three Cash Flow Killers

Episode Summary

Building a business is an uphill path to success. On your journey, you will have times when sales are slow or low and expenses are high. Most businesses that have reached the level of earning 6- even 7-figures often find themselves having trouble maintaining a positive cash flow.

While there are several factors that can cause this struggle at the base of them all are three things these CEOs are lacking. In this episode, we are going to deep dive into what could potentially be keeping you from maintaining positive cash flow.

Check Yourself Moment 
Do you have complete visibility into what is financially occurring in your business day by day, month by month, down to the last penny?

Profit Power Quote 
"CEOs that begin to increase their cash flow find financial peace of mind. This financial peace builds financial confidence and stability. The more financially stable the business becomes the closer the CEO is to building personal wealth due to their business’s success." ~ Octavia Conner

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