The Lies You Tell Yourself About Why You're Not Generating a Profit

Show Notes

The lies you tell yourself about your cash flow is the reason why you are not generating a profit in business. Have you ever said (or heard someone say) "I don't want to generate a profit, I just want to break even. By breaking even, I save on taxes?" This is a lie that will keep you broke, busted, and disgusted. As a business owner, you solve problems for profit. If you are not generating a profit and you are placing a band-aid on it by telling yourself several lies, you have a huge problem!

During this episode, Octavia goes on a rant and identifies several lies keeping businesses financial stress, strapped, and burned out. To help companies heal the profit scars and remove the band-aid, Octavia will also provide several strategies that will help entrepreneurs and small business owners earn more money and generate more profit sooner than they think.  

Check Yourself Moment 
Do you have a strategic financial plan that identifies where your money should go and why? If so, are you using it daily to track your progress? If not, it's time to create one today!

Profit Power Quote 
Business isn't fun when you don't have the funds! ~ Octavia Conner

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