The Difference Between An Entrepreneur & A Profitable CEO

Show Notes 

Welcome To The Say Yes To Profits Podcast! I am Octavia Conner, the #1 Virtual CFO to 6- and 7-figure CEOs. My mission is to prevent the struggle of entrepreneurship and help businesses earn their first or next million-dollars.  

My desire is to share tried and true advice and strategies that will help you increase cash flow, minimize tax liabilities while boosting profit margins. You see, many may say that they are operating a profitable multi six- or seven-figure business but if they often don’t have enough cash flow to cover business expenses or each year they are paying a high tax bill then their profit number is not really true.

My purpose of the Say Yes to Profits Podcast is to help you say yes to profits and say yes to cash flow while saying no to taxes. In this first episode, I share the broke, busted and disgusted stage of my business and the shift I had to make in order to experience a breakthrough. This breakthrough transitioned my company from a -$152 to a six-figure business within 16 months. 

What I learned from my struggle is:

Building and maintaining a solid financial foundation is key to accelerating business growth while consistently having more money and more profits. I had to first shift my mindset from an entrepreneur to a Profitable CEO in order to see my bank account and business shift to a six-figure company. In this episode, I share the key strategies I implemented to make this initial shift and continue to double my business growth year-after-year. 

Check Yourself Moment 
Based on what you just learned – Are you an entrepreneur or a Profitable CEO?

Profit Power Quote 
"After you shift your mind to a Profitable CEO, your bank will shift to having more money and more profits."  ~Octavia Conner

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About Octavia Conner

Octavia Conner is the CEO of Say Yes To Profits, a full-service virtual accounting firm. As a Virtual CFO, she helps consultants build million-dollar firms sooner than they think.

As an award-winning financial strategist and published author, she was selected as one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America. Octavia strategically combines over 13 years of accounting, business, and finance experience that has enabled her clients to grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months and save over 60% in taxes.

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