Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Our tax preparation and planning service is designed to remove the tax-time stress and beat the IRS tax game. Five out of seven business owners and individuals pay over 70% extra in taxes than they should each year.


Our tax team works diligently to plan, project, and answer all of your tax questions.


If you are a business owner and are tired of meeting with your accountant once a year only to discover that you have a higher than average tax bill, click below to learn more.

If you are an individual and desire online, stress-free tax services that will identify the best credits and deductions you must take to reduce your tax liabilities, click below to learn more.

Business Tax Planning and Preparation

Our BTPP services include proactive tax support offered over a 12-month commitment period. We develop a tax strategy based on historical and projected financial performance and monitor your tax liabilities to determine the best tax-saving strategy throughout the year.

  • Annual Tax-Planning Session
  • 12-Month Financial Projection & Tax Liabilities
  • Quarterly Tax Pulse Check-Ins & Calculations
  • Accountable Plan Review (if applicable)
  • Retirement Contribution Analysis
  • 1 Business Tax Return Preparation

Services Start at $450 per month

Business Tax Planning and Preparation

Business Return without Tax Planning Services

Suppose you need business tax preparation services without business tax planning. In that case, our LLC tax preparation fee starts at $500. The service includes one personal return with a Schedule C. Our Partnership, and S-Corporation return starts at $900.The service consists of a federal business return and one state business return.

Individual Tax Services

Our individual tax service is completed through a simple online process. After contacting our firm, you will receive a client portal, along with a tax form checklist and tax form deductions list. Once you have uploaded your documents, our team will begin preparing your taxes.


Once completed and before e-filing the return, we conduct a Zoom meeting with you to review and approve. Upon approval, we e-file your return and provide you with step-by-step notification status.

  • Tax Form Checklist
  • Annual Tax Deductions List for Individuals
  • 30-Minute Pre & Post Tax Consultation
  • Refund Direct Deposit option
  • e-File Return

Service Start at $350

Individual Tax Services