Captivating. Transformational. Dynamic.

Passionate. Authentic.

Hilarious. Transparent. Powerful.

Speaker Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Over the years, I have requested one-word adjectives to describe my speaking impact. The above are just some of the words received from the audience and event hosts.

My down to earth personality makes presenting financial matters comfortable as I am able to captivate and passionately deliver the topic in a fun and funny way that the audience can clearly relate to and apply to their business.

My financial presentations are fully loaded with proven strategies that can be immediately implemented after I leave the stage. Developed from real-world experiences the financial strategies, systems and solutions will enable attendees to increase revenue, cash flow, and profits exponentially and continuously while reducing taxes drastically.



I am extremely passionate about financial management, cash flow improvement, profit-maximizing, and business acceleration topics. My experience with speaking at national conferences, intimate gathers, webinars, and podcasts has afforded me the ability to add humor, compassion, and excitement to a talk that can be somewhat intimidating - money matters for business owners. To make your next event your most profitable event, I would be delighted to tailor an exhilarating, impactful presentation that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

How To Earn More Money and More Profits Without Paying More In Taxes 

A 6-figure business with 5-figure tax liabilities. A 7-figure company with 6-figure increasing tax debt. Challenges such as these occur often because most companies are built on an unstable financial foundation.

The problem is, very few business owners are aware of which business structure would benefit their company in the long run. The CEO often finds themselves overloaded with the daily operations that they don't have the time to dedicate to establishing a cash flow system that would ultimately save them money and taxes.

This informative presentation is filled with strategies that will shift the financial trajectory of any business. Octavia will identify what companies must do to earn more money, double their profits all while reducing or eliminating their tax liabilities at the same time. 

Cracking the Code To Consistent Cash Flow

It’s all about the next sell, right? Wrong!

Businesses that are generating six, seven, even eight figures in revenue often find themselves on a cash flow merry-go-round. The company is earning revenue consistently but there never seems to be enough cash flow to cover all of the company's expenses and invest back into its growth throughout the month. This is a vicious money cycle that often causes 60% of companies to go out of business. Understanding the connection between revenue, cash flow, and profit and how to properly manage them is critical to sustaining longevity.

During this powerful talk, Octavia provides a step-by-step strategy for businesses to build and maintain an accurate, reliable and timely financial system the will enable them to add more commas to their bank balance.

Octavia Conner
The Ultimate Profit Breakthrough: 5 Strategies To A Profit Producing Business

Businesses solve problems for profits. Unfortunately generating a profit can be extremely difficult when the company often has more month than money. The number one priority then becomes keeping more money IN the business. However, this can be challenging if the business is missing critical financial components.

During this interactive talk, Octavia Conner will present the five ultimate strategies that will shift the financial trajectory of any business. After taking part in this presentation, the attendees will have financial clarity, control while being fully equipped to work less, charger more and scale faster.

Audit Proof: How To Stop Being Afraid of the IRS & Audit Proof Your Business
Fact 1: 2.5 percent of small business owners face an audit.

Fact 2: 50% of businesses that are audited could have been avoided.

Fact 3: 20% of businesses who faced an audit, closed as a result of it.

Paying taxes is part of building a profitable business. You can't avoid it. You can't ignore it. But you can reduce or eliminate your tax liability without triggering red flags with the IRS. Octavia has jam packed this informative presentation with secret strategies that will enable businesses to maximize their bottom line while owing the IRS little to nothing. 

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Octavia Conner was the presenter of ACE Women’s Business Center monthly webinar. She presented the “Solving the Cash Flow Crunch” webinar, where the audience was small business owners. Octavia was very professional, knowledgeable about the topic, provided great advice and discussed cash flow strategies to operate a successful business. I really enjoyed Octavia’s presentation skills. She was very eloquent, knowledgeable of the topic being presented, provided real-life examples, and advice on strategies on how to better operate a business. For the third year in a row, Octavia participated as a business coach during ACE’s Annual Speed Coaching event, coaching business owners about finances. When it comes to cash flow, profits and performance, Octavia’s many years of experience will definitely be a great asset to any company.

Sandra Font, Director

ACE Women's Business Center

I’ve had the awesome pleasure of having Octavia Conner be our featured speaker for the National Association of Professional Women’s (NAPW) Dekalb-Gwinnett Chapter on more than one occasion.  Each time Octavia has left the audience wanting more.  She is well versed in her field and you can feel the passion she has for wanting to help small business owners reach their full potential as their own knowledge savvy money managers. Her book “Say Yes to Profits” is a road map for women-owned business to unlock the keys to money management and maximizing their profits.  I love that women have this tool which they can leave the event with and continue to learn and educate themselves.  I would recommend Octavia for any speaking engagement, any audience, as her vast knowledge in the accounting and finance industry is invaluable for today’s small business owner.

Kim Dildy, President

NAPW DeKalb-Gwinnett Center

        We were fortunate to have Octavia present a lesson on maximizing profits and participate in our Women and Money live stream. Octavia’s transparent insight and high-level expertise resulted in our members walking away with a raised level of financial literacy and monetary know how that has pushed each of them to get the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to building the business of their dreams.

Nicole Garner Scott

Founder - 100 Female Entrepreneurs

I had the opportunity to hear Octavia speak during the International Live Events Association - Atlanta Chapter Business Bootcamp. Octavia shared tips and strategies with the attendees on how to say yes to profits. These strategies can also be used for one's personal benefit as well. My favorite tip was Yes, No, or Can It Be Lowered. Using this strategy can help you save money around the board because sometimes as business owners we think we need things and we really do not or we do not ask for the lowest price because we think we need the largest option. As the President for the ILEA- Atlanta Chapter I was honored that she was one of our speakers for the evening. I am looking forward to having her speak at our next Business Bootcamp.

Sandy Bell, President

International Live Events Association - Atlanta Chapter

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