About SYTP

Our Mission

Our mission is to eradicate small business failures and create wealthy entrepreneurs.

Say Yes To Profits is not just a company; it is a movement, a mission, and the ultimate small business owner Superpower!


Our Core Values

Who We Serve

Our client base is comprised of 6- and 7-figure service-based entrepreneurs nationwide. 

The industries we serve are consultants, attorneys, coaches, therapists and entertainers.  

We focus on exceeding our client’s expectations at every touch, every time.

Solve problems before they are identified and solve problems quickly after they are identified.

Deliver the truth with love and compassion, followed by the next best steps.

Complete the work to the absolute best of your ability. Our name represent the best in the business!

We always go above and beyond. We exceed deadlines and don’t allow things to fail or fall.

We act, work, and communicate like the expert that we are. We remove hesitation, anxiety, or fear, and guide our clients from a place of power.

Our focus – learn, grow, empower, repeat. 

How We Work With You

The Say Yes To Profits Process is a proven path that unleashes your business’s fullest potential and empowers you to conquer your financial and tax challenges with confidence.

Our process has helped over 90% of our clients grow their businesses by an average of 200% each year and save an average of 55% on taxes.

Why work with three different financial experts and deal with the hustle of trying to connect everyone? Each client is assigned a designated bookkeeper, tax professional, and CFO.

Your designated SYTP team collaborates effortlessly together to accelerate your business faster, smarter, and consistently.

Our Concierges CFO Package includes a profit plan, a tax plan, annual tax preparation, weekly financial management support (bookkeeping, payroll, and bill pay, client invoicing, and more) services, and a monthly financial strategy meeting with your CFO team.

Even though our headquarters are in Atlanta, with technology, we effortlessly serve clients nationwide. Our tech stack allows our clients to have an immediate, daily personal connection and communication wherever they are located.

Bridge The Gap Between Where You Are

We understand where you are in business because we've been there. Countless sleepless nights, cash flow rollercoasters and unexpected large tax bills.

And Where You Desire To Be

Our framework has a track record of helping over 90% of our clients grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months. This success started with taking Say Yes To Profits from -$152 to a 7-figure firm.
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