Overflowing Your Business With Profits – Part 2

Show Notes

Businesses solve problems for profits. The problem with the profit number is that it often doesn’t match the cash available number. The Truth is – you can consistently generate a profit BUT if you are not timely collecting revenues and properly controller spending your profit number is nothing but a LIE and you will forever feel financially strapped.

During this episode, I am going to identify the connection between the three money levels and how CEOs can consistently drive cash flow to their bottom line that will also increase the cash in their bank account.

Check Yourself Moment 
Are your services priced for profit? Is money leaving your business faster than it is entering? Eventually, money management mishaps can become detrimental to your overall business success. In this episode, I identified what you must do to increase at each money level. Implement these strategies and watch them work for your business.

Profit Power Quote 
Profits come to those who plan for it. As Proverb 21:5 states – The plan of the diligent leads to profit. As a Profitable CEO, you must be diligently (meaning proactively and consistently) in managing your cash flow so that you start to Say Yes To Profits. 

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