Overflowing With Revenue, Cash Flow & Profits

Show Notes

Have you ever wondered how you could be earning six- even seven-figures but often have no figures? This means no cash flow to pay yourself a market-based CEO salary, no cash flow to invest back into your business growth and worse, no cash flow to cover all of your expenses throughout the month.

The reason for this cash flow struggle is because CEOs often only focus on earning revenue when maintaining positive cash flow is as important. In this episode, I break down the connection between earning revenue and maintaining positive cash flow. I provide proven strategies for business owners to double, even triple their cash flow while boosting their profit margins. 

Check Yourself Moment 
Do you have complete control over your cash flow? Ponder on this…Have you earn signed a new client because you needed the cash flow THEN after you begin working with them you regretted the decision?

Profit Power Quote 
You must control your cash flow! If you do not control your cash flow it will control you. The key is to have a plan for every dollar you earn in business. ~ Octavia Conner

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