Lynne Hart: The Say Yes To Profits Experience

Show Notes

My guest and client Lynne Hart shared her experience and breakthroughs she received from due to working with the Say Yes To Profits team. Lynne and I discussed how we stopped the bottleneck of seasonal revenue in her business by helping her gain financial clarity and control so that she always has more money and more profits.

Lynne's Power Statements
"You can't be successful if you don't know what's going on with your money. Octavia helped me achieve that."

"You really helped me price my services for profit. I now have more confidence when providing my prices. I now have extra money!"

"Take the leap and work with Octavia. As long as you follow the process, you will see your profits increase."

"Once I was consistent about working the Say Yes To Profits system, I got an overflow of clients, revenue and profits." 

"You won't regret working with the Say Yes To Profits company. It was life-changing! You either have money or you don't. You decide."

"Everyone should have someone like Octavia in their life. It is well worth it!"

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