How To Pay Zero In Taxes For Your Business Like Amazon

Have you paid or will you pay more than $7,000 in federal taxes this year? It is true that over the last two years, Amazon paid zero dollars in federal taxes. (I bet it's odd to think that you as a multi-six-figure business owner paid more federal taxes than Amazon, a company valued at 800 billion, right?) 

Building a business that generates more revenue, cash flow, and profits while reducing it's tax liabilities is critical to achieving success and longevity. Like many large businesses, Amazon reduces its effective tax rate each year by using a variety of credits, deductions, rebates, and loopholes. As a small business owner, you can apply these same strategies to your advantage.

In this video, I have provided four strategies you can use as a small business owner to reduce your tax liabilities so that you paid little to no federal taxes just like Amazon.

In addition to the strategies outlined in the video, it would benefit you to know that one of the top reasons why Amazon pays no corporate tax is because it reinvests those profits back into the growth of the company. As a small business owner, you can build wealth in your business by using your profits to purchase property, equipment, employee advancements and more. 

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Octavia Conner is the CEO of Say Yes To Profits, a full-service virtual accounting firm. As a Virtual CFO, she helps consultants build million-dollar firms sooner than they think.

As an award-winning financial strategist and published author, she was selected as one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America. Octavia strategically combines over 13 years of accounting, business, and finance experience that has enabled her clients to grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months and save over 60% in taxes.

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