How To Achieve Profitability In Business

Episode Summary

As a business owner, you solve problems for profits. A financially healthy business is also a profitable business. The problem that small business owners are facing is that they re-actively manage their finances and therefore generating a profit is something they wish for, hope for, even dream about but often never achieve.

In this episode, I am going to deep dive into how to proactively manage your finances so that you not only generate a profit, but your bank balance continues to increase month after month.

Check Yourself Moment 
Do you generate a profit each month in your business? If so, when you log into your bank account does your bank balance reflect your growing profit?

Profit Power Quote 
Profit is how you keep score in business. If your profits are often few and far between that means you are not properly managing your cash flow. You will not have a business to operate much longer is you continue to say NO to profits.

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