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"Financial Management Is The Pulse Of Your Business and Cash Is Your Business's Superpower. In order to increase cash flow, you must have reliable, timely and accurate financial reports. This book will help you shift the financial trajectory of your mindset and business in order to earn more money, keep more money and accelerate business growth."

Octavia Conner - Your #1 Virtual CFO

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Author & Editor SW Cannon

Author & Editor SW Cannon

"I am so proud of my client Octavia Conner! Her book will bless millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners who take action based upon the strategies provided. The content WILL propel their business forward faster! You can count on that!

Jason Sims, Esq

Jason Sims, Esq

"I am super grateful to have received an advanced copy of Say Yes To Profits. The tips and strategies provided has helped me to not only increase my revenue, but organize my operation, shift my mindset and add to my bottom line. I recommend anyone looking to grow their business to pick up a copy of the book today!"


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Page turner, worth the time
“Great read, definitely a page turner. I
purchased this book thinking it would
only tell me what to do but I felt like I
was on the journey to success with the
writer. The breakdown of knowing
and understanding the difference
between a CEO and being a "Boss" and
reminding me the journey isn't easy
but rewarding and worth me pursuing
my dreams. I definitely recommend
this book to anyone.”

You MUST buy this book!
THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! I read half of
the book last night starting at 12am. I
thought I was just going to read a little
before I went to bed but kept
I might be finished by tomorrow! The
book should have a sub title called "Get
Yo Whole Life." lol OCTAVIA DID THAT!
YAAAASSS HONEY! lol :) I am definitely
making some major changes. Thank you!

Wonderful Read!
“The information provided in this
book has changed my thinking
about my finances and the success
of my business. I am really looking
forward to watching my profits
increase as I use the strategies in
this book to build my business. I
gained a lot of insight about
MONEY! Thanks Octavia!”

I really enjoyed reading the book and it has already helped me ...

"This book helped to open my eyes to what really makes a business profitable - controlling the money. I really enjoyed reading the book and it has already helped me increase my cash flow. I plan to reach out to the author to work with her further. I encourage all entrepreneurs to read this book. It will help you avoid a lot of business trouble."

Inspiring & Informational

"Very inspiring and relatable personal testimony during the introduction. Excellent content! I learned quite a bit."

Very Good Book!
"Read last year, but came back to get a few nuggets. Very practical, yet thorough. Gives the reader step by step instructions to maximize profits!"

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), over 60% small businesses fail within the first five years due to poor money management. This book was designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners remove the stress of financial management, become fiscally responsible while building a profitable business.

Bookkeeping Services College Park, GA

About the Author

Octavia Conner Virtual CFO

As The Virtual CFO for Consultants, Octavia Conner helps businesses and consultants prevent the struggle of entrepreneurship and earn their first or next million-dollars sooner than they think.

As the owner of Say Yes To Profits, a virtual CFO firm, Octavia strategically combines over 15 years of business and finances experience to help her clients grow between 30% and 350% within 12-months and save over 60% in taxes.

Selected as a Top 50 Cloud Accountant in North America, Octavia is a best-selling author and professional speaker who is passionate about helping businesses beat the tax game and say yes to profits!


"This book is absolutely amazing! It has helped me position my business, money and mindset back on the right track!"

"One of the best books I have read in a long time to help me with getting my business on the right track."

"I have read the book twice and each time I learned something new. Now I'm ready to work with Octavia to maximize my bottom line! "