Benfits of Virtual CFO Services

Octavia Conner

By Octavia Conner

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As your consulting firm grows, so does the need for strategic financial planning, enhanced cash flow strategies, and comprehensive financial insight based on the firm financial circumstances. 




All of the above plus more goes beyond the scope and skill set of a bookkeeper or CPA. A bookkeeper is responsible for the daily input of your financial transactions in your accounting system. A CPA is responsible for your year-end tax filing, tax projection, and planning. But who helps with developing a financial roadmap, improving profitability, identifying proven strategies to scale your firm, and eliminating cash flow worries forever? 


This accounting expert is called a CFO. It's even better when you hire a Virtual CFO instead of an in-house CFO because a virtual CFO will significantly reduce your payroll cost by over half, and you still receive the same or better results as if you had an in-house CFO.


I am Octavia Conner, CEO of SYTP. I am a Virtual CFO for 6-figure consultants who desire to manifest, maximize and maintain profitable million-dollar businesses.


As a Virtual CFO for the last 11 years, I have worked with hundreds of consulting firm owners. Typically over 90% of our clients grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months.


There are several ways a Virtual CFO can help you gain financial clarity, control, and confidence to scale your consulting firm to 7-figures.


In this episode, I'll provide the top three ways a virtual CFO will benefit a growing consulting firm.  


  1. Increase Cash Flow - One of the primary benefits of working with a virtual CFO is that they are a master at helping you strategically boost cash flow. A virtual CFO will provide you with proven financial insight, money management strategies and uncover hidden money leaks often left unseen by the untrained eye. A proficient VCFO will analyze your business' spending patterns and revenue cycle and recommend solutions to eliminate your cash flow challenges.
  2. Gain Financial Controls - With the help of a Virtual CFO, you will develop a customized financial plan that will position you to proactively and properly manage your finances. A skilled VCFO will then monitor your progress weekly and constantly re-evaluate and implement a workable solution to help you maintain your budget numbers and generate a profit. 
  3. Receive Financial Intelligence At Your Fingertips - As a firm owner who partners with a Virtual CFO, you can spend your valuable time focused on growing the business. Your virtual CFO will identify metrics, key performance numbers, pricing profitability strategies, million-dollar service offerings, realistic revenue and profit ratios, goals, and much more. They will help you leverage the financial language of your firm so that you scale faster than you ever thought possible. 


To repair, build and scale a truly profitable, consistently cash flow-positive, successful consulting firm, you need to hire a virtual CFO today!


And who should you call? A company with a proven track record of helping 90% of its consulting firm clients grow between 30% and 350% within 12 months. 


Reach out to us today and schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to receive a glimpse into how we help our consulting firm clients. 



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