Why Your Consulting Firm Is Not Growing

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By Octavia Conner

As a consulting firm owner, have you experienced periods where it felt as if your firm is not growing no matter what you do?

I had to overcome this as a consultant, and I’ve met several clients who have experienced this as well. This period is an uncomfortable feeling that, if not fixed immediately, grows into doubt and feels like you have hit a growth ceiling.

And allow me to be the first to tell you that you can absolutely break through a growth ceiling. In this episode, I will provide you with four strategies to grow your firm faster than you may even realize.

Hitting a growing ceiling on your journey to building a million-dollar firm is bound to happen at some point. A growth ceiling may look a little like your revenue has remained the same year after year. 

Or perhaps, your cash flow continues to feel as if it’s never enough month after month, and therefore you can’t seem to hire new people.Or you are afraid to hire new team members altogether. 

A growth ceiling could also show up as never experiencing a Net Profit, continuously operating at a Net Loss no matter how much money you’re currently earning. 

Listen, no matter what the world tells you – I am here to tell you that you don’t have to remain stuck. You can shatter the growth ceiling and cross the million-dollar marker soon than you think.

Therefore, let’s jump into why the growth ceiling exists. 

You are the bottleneck in your firm.

You complete all or most of the daily operations. All decisions have to be made or come through you. Your staff  (if you have staff) have no ownership in their role. And you are hiring doers and not leaders 

You are not focused on your million-dollar clients

Are you trying to serve everyone that will pay you instead of laser focusing on the client you are called to serve? Who are the one group of people you are called to serve?

Do you know who they are? Are you aware of their characteristics and where they hang out in an overflow?

Do you they who they know? Figure it out and call them out. Also, direct your marketing content, offers, and everything you do around your ideal million-dollar client.

You are not focused on your million-dollar service or offer.

What is the one service you can become an expert in that will yield great results for your million-dollar client?

You do not need several services and products to take your 6-figure firm to a million dollars.Create one service, and build levels to that service

For example, our service is CFO services. We have an Elite Level, Target Level, and Base Level. At each level, we include bookkeeping and financial coaching and consulting. Depending on the level will determine how much bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO services are received.

Finally, we have products – live workshops, masterclass, and books all center around helping consultants say yes to profits.

Question– what will your million-dollar offer be, and how can you tailor your services or projects around it?

Your money is not in order.

How do you expect to have more money if you are not effectively managing what you currently have?

Your bookkeeping file should be updated weekly and reconciled monthly. You should review and update your cash flow forecast weekly or monthly, depending on your current cash position.

If you are experiencing a feast or famine mode in your business, then you should update your forecast weekly.

You should also have 3 to 5 key metrics you are tracking weekly that, if improved, your firm will scale faster.

Bottom Line – you will manifest million, maximize millions and maintain million when you manage your money correctly. Period!

I will be hosting a Manifest Million Masterclass to help you break through the growth ceiling many consultants face! This masterclass will deep dive into the five secrets 6-figure consultants must implement to manifest, maximize and maintain a million-dollar firm.

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