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A monthly finding of over $50,000 that continued to increase

"Octavia Conner and her team provided insight to a very foggy financial outlook. Our previous accountant were making mistakes that were becoming detrimental to the association. Octavia immediately stop that from occurring. During our initial session she quickly identified ways to increase revenue and cash flow. This resulted in an a monthly finding of over $50,000 that continued to increase as we worked with her. "

Marcus Downs  //  Georgia Nurses Association 

The Financial Insight Really Helped Me Have More Money!

"I have been working with Octavia for several months now and I am very pleased with the service. I'm happy with the monthly business evaluations where I receive proven insight and strategic advice on how to build a profitable business. What I enjoy the most is that we discuss past performance and future action plans that will help me accomplish my business goals. Knowing that my accounting is current and that Octavia is analyzing business expenses, searching for internal and external money leaks gives me relief and peace of mind. It feels great knowing that this part of my business is handled and not by me. This allows me to focus on my area of expertise.

Tanya Nebo  //  Nebo Law Group

Octavia outlined how I should earn and keep more money and when I followed her advice, I did just that!

"I am now able to Say Yes To Profits! I am so glad I met Octavia. This has been one of the most worth-wild investments I have made in my business. I started working with her not even knowing if what I was doing was an actual business. NOW I have a real business with system, structure, strategies, tools, confidence and more money! Octavia outlined how I should earn and keep more money and when I followed her advice, I did just that! Her team also identified how to build a business that gives me the lifestyle I desire and now I'm living it. If you are struggling with your cash flow and finances, you must hire the SYTP team! This will be the best decision for your business! "

Charlene Bowden  //  It's Just Us Production

My cash flow continues to increase

"I now have financial peace of mind and my cash flow continues to increase because Octavia is our Virtual Controller. You can't put a price tag on that. Octavia really saved my books! I was with another accounting firm for a little under a year, they assured me everything was fine, it never was and honestly, I am not even sure if they did anything. Octavia understands the accounting software and the intricacies of how attorneys have to run things. I lost a lot of money by not going with her in the first place, do yourself a favor, and don't repeat my same mistake."

James Haug  //  Haug Law Group