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Your success is our number one priority. Below are case studies for working with Say Yes To Profits. You will noticed how we helped our clients save time, have more money, more profits and pay less taxes.  

We provide reliable financial indicators to help you predict the future and make wise business growth decisions while having a trusted advisor at your fingertips.

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Before contacting Say Yes To Profits, the South Fulton Chamber Of Commerce employed an administrative assistant to handle the basic bookkeeping.

As the organization grew, the president wasn’t receiving timely, comprehensive financial reports and therefore lacked the clarity needed to understand the true financial health of the chamber.


The South Fulton Chamber Of Commerce was growing at rapid speed; however, the president and board of directors were not confident in the financial information received from their bookkeeper. The lack of financial data hindered them from making critical decisions on upcoming events, projected earnings, and cost. The rapid growth and ever-changing business environment surpassed the bookkeeper skill set, resulting in poor financial management and delayed financial reporting.


  1. Analyzed their accounting infrastructure and their monthly closing process
  2. Met with the board of directors to gain clarity on their financial needs, goals and wants
  3. Streamlined their accounts receivables system and identified excess money leaks


  • Transition the organization from a paper accounting system to QuickBooks online, fully integrated with a faster more reliable accounts receivables process
  • Created customized financial reports that detailed the earnings and cost per event and for the chamber as a whole
  • Implemented a seven-day monthly closing process and attended monthly board meetings to help the board of directions understand and use the financials to make wise decisions
  • Implemented a more robust collection process and reduce the number of NSF by 95%

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  • Process Improvement

CEO Testimony

“I just want to thank Octavia Conner for working with the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce and in guiding us on how to be more organized and knowledgeable about finances. Her guidance has helped us to keep more accurate and complete financials for the chamber.

Since she has been preparing the chamber’s financial reports, I now have more time to focus on growing the organization and other important productive chamber activities, while having the confidence in knowing our financials are in order for anyone to review at all times.

She has truly been an invaluable asset to the chamber.”


Y. Dyan Matthews (President & CEO)

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