Your success is our number one priority. Below are case studies for working with Say Yes To Profits. You will notice how we helped our clients save time, have more money, more profits, and pay less taxes.  


We provide reliable financial indicators to help you predict the future and make wise business growth decisions while having a trusted advisor at your fingertips.

Case Studies



Before meeting Octavia, Dr. Karen felt frustrated, overwhelmed and uncertain about the financial matters of her growing consulting business. Her ability to scale to 7-figures seemed like a mystery to Dr. Karen because her finances were in total disarray.




Dr. Karen met Octavia at a women's conference in 2019. At that time, Dr. Karen was tired of trying to understand and manage her firm's finances. She spent more and more time and money trying to learn and implement different money management approaches than she spent on earning revenue. However, in the end, she was left frustrated and uncertain about her consulting firm's growth and financial stability.


  1. Octavia conducted a comprehensive analysis of Dr. Karen's accounting system and previous years' tax returns. 
  2. Say Yes To Profits rebuilt her accounting system to provide the financial clarity, control, and confidence Dr. Karen needed at a click of a button. 
  3. SYTP streamlined her accounts receivable system, enabling her to receive faster client payments. 
  4. After SYTP conducted a financial audit, they identified excess money leaks and cash flow shortages left unseen for years by the untrained eye. 
Once her finances were accurate and reliable, a financial plan for Dr. Karen was created that included customized pricing for profit formula, a 12-month budget, a closely monitored 13-week forecast, and additional tools.

  • Generated more income in one month than in the previous year
  • She's now easily able to maintain a 6-figure bank balance 
  • Sales and revenue have doubled year over year
  • Dr. Karen now has the ultimate financial peace of mind
Say Yes To Profits Services
  • Full-Service Accounting
  • Virtual CFO Services
  • S Corporation Formation
  • Payroll Administrator Services
CEO Testimony


"In less than one year, my company grew by 854%, and I consistently maintain a 6-figure bank balance. This wouldn't have been possible without Octavia Conner and Say Yes To Profits as my Virtual CFO firm."


As a person who "doesn't like numbers," that part of my business was--as they say in the 'hood--A HOT MESS!   Say Yes To Profits took a task off my plate that I didn't like and I didn't have the expertise to do.


Thanks to Octavia and her team, all my accounts are reconciled, my books are balanced, and my taxes are filed!  Additionally, I now have a financial plan for my business that will result in recurring monthly income and continued revenue growth!


I am so happy to have Octavia as a part of my team and just wanted to share my experience with you. 

If you need a dedicated CFO for your business, call Octavia!


Dr. Karen Townsend
KTownsend Consulting, LLC