Why spend 6 to 8 hours per week on bookkeeping when you could be focused on business growth?  SYTP's bookkeeping services for small businesses will relieve you from a number-crunching headache while giving you the confidence in knowing your finances are always in order.


We understand that maintaining accurate accounting records, processing payroll and invoicing clients are an integral part of accelerating your business. Therefore, we specialize in online bookkeeping and accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses across the U.S.

Our online bookkeeping services will relieve you from a number-crunching headache while giving you the confidence in knowing your finances are always in order.


You’ll receive a certified online bookkeeper to support your business via instant chat, phone, and virtual meetings. Our online bookkeeping software will enable you to have a clear understanding of the financial health of your business at all time.


Our bookkeeping services for small businesses will eliminate the time management burden and save you over half the cost of having an in-house accounting staff. Your dedicated bookkeeping team will deliver accurate, reliable and detailed orientated financial information you can use to grow your business faster, smarter and consistently.




  • You receive a designated and dedicated accounting team
  • Our accountants are certified in QuickBooks, TSheets, Bill.com and more 
  • Quick and easy on-boarding or transition process
  • Founded in 2011, we have a 95% approval rating with the Better Business Bureau and 5 our 5 stars on Google
  • We save you time and relieve stress by completing all bookkeeping and accounting tasks for you

Online Accounting Services for Small Businesses

That Saves You Time & Money

You can customize your bookkeeping and accounting package to fit your needs. 

  • QuickBooks Online Upkeep 
  • Month-end Reconciliation & Closing
  • Full-Service Payroll Processing
  • Designated Accounting Team
  • Sales Tax Processing
  • Bookkeeping Clean-Up
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Accounts Receivables Processing
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Date Entry
  • Cash Flow Monitoring
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Financial Management Meetings

Are you ready to spend your time focused on your business

while having the confidence in knowing your finances are in order?




Often when an entrepreneur is operating a business and also complete the accounting work, such as bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, following up on client invoices, many accounting tasks can fall through the cracks. There are only 24 hours in each day, and accounting tasks can often seem insignificant to the overall growth of the company. That is until you need financial reports for a grant, loan, or business decision. Or perhaps the tax returns result in an extremely high tax bill.


And while many accounting software programs make accounting "seem" easy, often, there are small unbeknownst errors that eventually result in significant problems and more money to fix them. Also, the time an entrepreneur would spend completing something that "seems" only to take a few hours a week to complete could be better spent earning more revenue.

Here at SYTP, we take the accounting and bookkeeping tasks entirely off of your plate while providing you with financial insight and oversight to make wise business decisions. Our online bookkeeping services for small businesses will improve the reliability of your business numbers and enable you to have more money and more profits.


FAQs Regarding SYTP Virtual Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Below are the answers to the most common questions regarding accounting services for small businesses. 

If we haven't answered your question below, feel free to contact us.

What type of accounting software does SYTP use?  

We use the number one accounting software for small business owners – QuickBooks Online. As a matter of fact, all of our bookkeepers are Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors. 

Do you prepare personal and business returns?

While we are not CPAs, however we do complete personal and business tax returns. Our team has over ten years of experience and remains current on the ever-changing tax laws by completing annual IRS approved certifications.

Is there a setup fee for bookkeeping services?

If your books are current, there is no fee. If your books are not up-to-date we will bring your books current and in compliance for a one-time bookkeeping clean-up fee.

How long does it take to set up online accounting services?

Depending on the condition of your books, online accounting services could take on average two to six weeks.

I’m nervous about the whole “online” accounting access. How do you handle data security?

D ata security is one of our top priority. Our third party system uses multiple layers, industry-leading security measures that include, third-party verification, encryption, 256-bit salt hash password login and more.

If I am not located in your state does that mean I have a longer waiting period before speaking with you?

Absolutely not! With our online infrastructure, our clients are able to community with us via instant chat, text, virtual meets via Zoom and phone.

Why should I use outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services over an in-house accountant?

  1. With an in-house accountant, you are responsible for training, managing, payroll taxes and support. With our online accounting service, you are responsible for… growing your business. 
  2. Our online bookkeeping services help you cut cost at a minimum of 45%
  3. We remain up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technology
  4. We are dedicated to helping your firm become/remain debt-free while increasing profit and cash flow by a 40% minimum
  5. We are not just entering data into a system. We provide unique online bookkeeping services that include our signature profit coaching

How Do We Get Out Documents To Say Yes To Profits?

No matter where you are located, you will receive an online app that allows you to upload your documents within 3 seconds. 

Will we have to sign a contract?

For ongoing bookkeeping services, there is no contract. If bookkeeping clean-up is needed, there is a contract to cover the clean-up work and period. Once the clean-up has been completed, the bookkeeping services are on a month-to-month plan.

How soon can I get started?

As soon as you can complete the Complimentary Financial Assessment form. If you qualify you will receive a link to join one of our team members via Zoom to discuss your accounting needs and how we can serve you.